Connecting your brand to its audience

in the most efficient way whatever the media – whatever the market

fmp media, your agency specialized in consulting and buying advertising campaigns on the French, German and European markets.

Our main objectives are:
- to offer tailor-made advice
- to develop targeted media strategies
- to help you achieve your communication goals objectives.

You can count on our B2B, B2C, online and offline expertise to work on your local, regional, national and international campaigns.

Whatever the media, whatever the market: a single agency to support you. We are an international team, on a human scale, attentive to our customers’ needs in order to know you better, to understand you better, to support you get to know you better, to understand you better, to accompany you better.

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A territorial media approach

We analyze your needs and set up strategies and media plans to suit the areas you want to reach, whether you aim to enter a new market or optimize your presence in an existing one.

Local Media Solutions: We understand the importance of proximity and relevance in local marketing. Our local media strategies enable our clients to connect authentically with their local audiences.

Regional Media Solutions: For companies looking to extend their regional scope, we offer media solutions that consider the cultural and geographical specificities of each linguistic region.

Interregional and International Media Solutions: Our expertise also extends to interregional and international media campaigns. We help you navigate international markets while preserving your identity and message.

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Understanding for strategy and advice

Our mission is crucial: we help our clients reach their target audiences while respecting their objectives, timetable and budget. The media strategy must fit with the company's communication strategy.

Our role is also to guide our customers through complex and diverse media landscapes.

Our daily work and responsibility encompass all steps:
- Analyzing targets and objectives
- Defining the media strategy
- Media research and selection
- Negotiating and buying
- Campaign planning
- Technical monitoring
- Production plan
- Implementation of the campaign
- Campaign monitoring / optimization
- Analysis and reporting

Our work is constantly evolving due to the rapid changes in this sector and in media consumption habits. Our agency stays up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies to anticipate and continue to offer our customers an ever more effective service.

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A combined power of media, partners and agency

We believe in working with our clients and media partners to deliver successful media campaigns.

Collaborations allow our clients to benefit from the expertise, reach and creativity of the media and to promote their products and services more effectively. For the media, it's a fantastic opportunity to improve content quality, reach new audiences and strengthen long-term relationships.

Achieving common goals is of major importance in the modern communications landscape.

fmp initiates and stimulates its partnerships by encouraging the media to explore new approaches, new content formats or new technologies to better serve campaigns. We defend your interests and react quickly to changes. Whether you need to seize an unexpected opportunity, adjust an ongoing campaign or adapt your media strategy over time, we guarantee a high degree of flexibility.

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Media selection: the art of customization

Each media has its own audience and its own reach. It is extremely important to select the best match for your targeted audience and create maximum impact. However, using the strengths of each medium is not enough: you also must respect the communication perimeters, language specificities, technical requirements and manage the advertising budget effectively. In order to achieve this, we use a judicious mix of distribution channels:


Brand content, Native, Display, e-marketing, social media, Web-TV-radio, Digital Out-Of-Home, Podcast, SEA, programmatic, etc.


Radio, Out-Of-Home, TV, cinema, press, direct marketing...

...trades. The result is a unique selection: perfectly adapted and customized to your needs.

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The importance of human relationships

In an increasingly digital and automated world, we want human interaction to remain (irreplaceable /unique. That's why human relationships are at the heart of our business.

We take the time to get to know you: your values, your objectives and your challenges. We tailor our responses and don't offer standard solutions, because we know that what works for one company may not work for the other.

Moreover, trust is fundamental. We remain open and transparent in every stage of a campaign. We are always available to answer your questions and discuss your concerns.

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Every customer is unique: we look forward to finding the right solutions to meet your specific needs: